Frequently Asked Questions


What genre of photography do you specialize in?

As a photographer I specialize in advertising and commercial photography. I create images that captures the needs of my clients in order to effectively communicate their ideas. I use my photography skills and abilities to create images of subjects that are used mainly for marketing purposes. In a nutshell, this kind of photography will enable clients to eventually make more money from the images I create for them. This images are business assets.

How long have you been in business as a photographer?

I picked up my camera back in the early 2000’s but I have been in business as Enrique Pino Photography Plus Motion since 2010. So far, It has been an amazing ride full of experiences and much more to come.

Do you have insurance for your photography business? 

All my gear is insured. It is a must have. My business also has liability insurance in case of accidents on set or at any location we are shooting. Some projects require more coverage than others. If necessary, extra insurance will be bill to the client.

Where are you based and how far would you travel? 

I am a Sarasota, Florida based Photographer. I have my passport ready for traveling and I am willing to travel to any destination worldwide. I have experience shooting in different states, The Caribbean, Europe and South America. I love to travel.

Do you charge for traveling?

“Time is Money” or my favorite quote by Milton Friedman: “There is not free lunch”
I do charge for traveling if I have to drive over an hour to the shooting location. In those cases, there will be a millage fee added to your bill. Usually this fee would be half my hourly rate per hour traveled. For out of state and international travel the cost would be half a day rate for each day traveling till we get to the shooting location, in addition to travel fare equipment fees due to airline and customs weight restrictions. 

Do you have a studio?

Since I travel for work so much, it is hard for me to keep up with a studio. I had a studio for 5 years and I was never there. Nowadays, I setup my mobile studio at client’s businesses, homes or at any location I am needed. If we need a studio space for a project we can rent space in Sarasota, St. Petersburg or Tampa. You can see examples in this links: Shooting on locationShooting at a business.

What is your Pricing? 

Since there is no pricing formula that fits all projects. It is nearly impossible to have a one size fits all pricing list. however, you can take a look at my hourly, half a day and full day rate for commercial jobs. Those prices will give you an idea of the amount you will need to invest for your project. See link: 2019 Commercial Rates

Do you shoot video?

YES! We shoot video. Nowadays video productions are about 60% of my business. I love creating video content for businesses. In a world of smartphones, social media and instant information at the tip of our fingers. The best way to quickly reach out your ideal client is though video content.  

Do you work with an assistant on set?

I do not have a problem working alone or hauling my own equipment. However, having an assistant is an amazingly useful contribution. We work faster and we can accomplish more if I can add an assistant to the budget. Sometimes there is more than one assistant on set and they all have different jobs. This would depend on the size and demands of the project.

Do I have to provide meals for you and your crew during a shoot?

It will be nice if you do. We will appreciate.
The rule of thumb is: if we work for you half a day or more. The meals for the crew and talent will be added to your bill. There will be a time set up and usually a craft service style for everyone to enjoy.

Do you edit your own work? 

I do edit and retouch my own work. There are occasions when I do outsource the editing and retouching to a fellow trusted professional retoucher if I find myself with to close deadlines or overworked. 

What is your turn around time for final images and video to be delivered to the client? 

Within the world of Commercial and Advertising photography delivery times vary depending on the  needs of the clients and the availability of photographer. We will provide a written agreement at the moment of signing the contract. The delivery dates and times will be included in these documents. 

Who pays and hires the talent for a photoshoot?

If you require talent for the shoot, such as models, make up artists, hair stylists, etc. The cost of hiring talent will be added to your bill. You can always reach out a talent agency or hire talent yourself as a client.

How many final Images or videos would I get from you? 

I always ask my clients how many final images and videos do they need. I also try to over deliver by doing my best to produce the most high quality and creative images and videos that I can within the assigned time and budget. This will always vary upon needs of the clients.

Do I get to keep Raw files? 

Because of quality control and branding protection. I never deliver Raw files to clients.

Do I get copyright of the images and videos?  

All my work is copyrighted by the US Liberty of Congress. All my clients get a License Right of Usage of images for a determined time agreed in our contract and this varies upon project and client needs. You can always ask me more about image usage rights and licensing.

How do you deliver your work? 

I deliver my work via Dropbox or thumb drive. Final images in JPG and/or Tiff format. All in high resolution for printing and low resolution for web and social media usage.

How do I book you for a photoshoot? 

You can call me, email me, FaceTime me or text me to book a shoot. I prefer at least 48 hours notice before a shoot but if I am available I will take you in on a same day shoot. Contract is required to book me for a shoot.

Do I need to give you a retainer?

Yes. A retainer is required to book a shoot with me. Usually the retainer fee is 30% of the total investment of the shoot.

If I cancel a shoot date. Do I get my retainer refunded? 

Unfortunately, NO. If you cancel a shoot with me your retainer fee won’t be refunded. This includes bad weather or any other natural disasters.

What happens to my retainer if something happens to you?

If something were to happen to me by the time of your shoot date. You will be notify and your retainer fee will be fully refunded to you within 7 days from notification.

Which form of payments do you accept?

I love cash!! But checks and credit cards are good too. Note: there is a 3% extra fee for credit card processing added to your final bill.

Do you accept installments?  

I do accept installments. This is usually agreed when we sign the contract. This will always vary upon the needs of the clients.  

What happens if you loose all data from the shoot?

I have been lucky enough that in over 9 years I have not ever lost any data from a client after a shoot. I always double backup all my files. In the case of total lost of data. Your investment on me will be refunded 7 days after receiving notification.

Do you Collaborate with other Creators? 

I do collaborate with other creators. I love being able to share the set with other minds that have different views or ideas about a project. My collaboration with other creators is limited because I am usually busy with my clients but if you message me we can talk about it and add a shoot to the calendar. I am a fun guy to work with! 

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