Advertising Photography vs Commercial Photography

Advertising Photography vs Commercial Photography

What is the difference between advertising photography and commercial photography

Advertising and Commercial Photography are two types of genres that can be easily confused since both serve a similar purpose and also they are both involved with the marketing plan of a business that needs top quality images to promote their products and services.

Commercial Photography

Genre that focuses in a service or product the client is selling. Commercial photographers make images of buildings, models, merchandise, artifacts and landscapes that are used for promotional purposes in books, reports, and catalogs. Use most of the time as stock images. A great example are images use to promote product in Amazon and ebay. 

The goal of the commercial photographer is to make images that will show the best representation of the service or product that will boost sales for the client.

Advertising Photography

Its all about telling a story!!!

Focuses in capturing and idea or feeling. The advertising photographer is the artist in charge of taking the idea from the marketing agency and us his or her experience to tell a story about the product or service that will boost more sells for the client. As a marketing Expert. The advertising photographer has greater creative freedom to interpret how products, services, lifestyles and ideas can be presented photographically.

As a photographer I started my career in the Commercial genre and slowly move into the Advertising genre. Been in the Advertising Photographer world I find myself a lot more challenge with clients campaigns and becoming a problem solver for my clients. Been a Advertising photographer its a lot more rewarding and creative.