WE ARE IMMIGRANTS Documentary Film Series

WE ARE IMMIGRANTS Documentary Film Series

“Everywhere immigrants have enriched and strengthened the fabric of American life.”

A Nation of Immigrants – John F. Kennedy

WE ARE IMMIGRANTS is a self-funded documentary film series produced and directed by Enrique Pino, a Sarasota, Florida based photographer and cinematographer at Enrique Pino Photography Plus Motion in business for almost 10 years.

Enrique immigrated to the USA in 2003 from Lima, Peru and became an American Citizen in 2014. He is married to a Hungarian immigrant and together they have two amazing boys who are as Peruvian and Hungarian as they are American. They have been together for almost 10 years and having a multicultural family is a daily challenge and blessing.

Traveling is our families passion. We do our best to make sure our children get to experience culture diversity. Gabriel, our oldest son spends his summer school break’s in Peru and Hungary  learning the language and our cultural heritages. It is very important to us as parents to make sure they learn where we come from and who we are as an Immigrant multicultural family.

About Enrique: I am a viral campaign designer and I use Photography and Cinematography as mediums to attract attention, make a difference, educate and inspire people. I am not just a Photographer. I am a visual artist with a set of tools.

Our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our nation

Nelson Mandela

Meet the Pino family – Zsoka, Gabriel, Viktor and Enrique.

What is the director’s vision for this project?

Immigration has been a human activity since the beginning of times. It has shaped many countries, generations, knowledge, and cultures. However, recently in our country, we are finding ourselves stuck in a hateful rhetoric driven by xenophobia and racism. I became very frustrated with the stories or lack of stories the mainstream media was broadcasting about immigrants. I knew from experience that there are far more stories that needed to be told that were not reaching our homes. I took it upon myself to do a project that was important and meaningful to me and my story as an American, Latino, artist, and immigrant.

So that is what this documentary series is about: the stories of immigrants that are having a profoundly positive effect in their communities and are doing their part as members of our society. I believe storytelling is powerful because it not only shows the beauty of someone’s journey but it also gives the opportunity for others to feel like they see themselves in these stories and empowers them to be part of positive social and structural change.

This documentary series celebrates the best things of our country, our diversity, our resilience, and our strength.

Episode 1: Carolina Franco & Crearte Latino Cultural Center

I had the opportunity to interview Carolina Franco – President and Artistic Director at Crearte Latino Cultural Center . Carolina is from Colombia. Get to know her story, life mission and what Crearte Latino is all about.

I feel very happy and proud of doing what I love to do while working with a creative team and as an immigrant it amazes me what we have done in a few years and as a group we making a really good impact in the community.

Carolina Franco – President and Artistic Director at Crearte Latino Cultural Center

Crearte Latino – Cultural Center – Mision: To produce theater in Spanish to maintain and promote the Hispanic roots in Sarasota and Manatee, in children and adults, and to create a cultural exchange channel between Latino and the community at large. Visit: https://www.creartelatino.org/

Episode 2: Cinthia Peña and Erika Alarcon – Imaginaccion N3twork

I had the opportunity to interview Cinthia Peña and Erika Alarcon – Directors at IMAGINACCIÓN N3TWORK – Cinthia and Erika are both from Mexico, entrepreneurs and business partners.

Stay true to yourself.

If you work hard, you can make your dreams come true.

Cinthia PeñaDirectors at IMAGINACCIÓN N3TWORK

Being a member of IMAGINACCIÓN N3TWORK, is the best option for your business to grow. You will be part of a group of stable entrepreneurs composed of different professionals, you will not have competition within the group. You will have the opportunity to present your company in all meetings so the attendees will know what services you offer, in this way they can recommend it to their customers, suppliers and friends.

My kids make me strong and I believe we should lead them by example. As a mother and business woman I want my kids to see in me they can take risks. There is no limits for what they can be in life all they need is passion. Happiness is a choice.

Erika Alarcon – Directors at IMAGINACCIÓN N3TWORK

It started in Sarasota, Florida with 3 women who have the common goal of supporting each other. We are a private public relations group IMAGINACCIÓN N3TWORK LLC we rely on connections, since these are what make our business grow. Visit: https://www.imaginaccionn3twork.com/

Nominate Someone You Know to be Part of This Film Project

Do you know someone with an incredible story, kind, and who goes above and beyond anytime someone needs her/him? If so, nominate them to be part of this documentary.

If you are or know an immigrant who is resilient, helps others, and is making a profound positive change in their community please join our movement and fill out the form.

Requirements to Participate in Documentary Film Project

  • Nominee must be at least 18 years old and must be a first generation immigrant – a foreign-born resident who has relocated and become a citizen, or has permanent residency in the USA.
  • The Nominee’s story must be verifiable and he or she must have a valid state ID.
  • A photo and video release must be sign by Nominee before the interview.

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